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  • Jin Jiang River Comprehensive Renovation Project is About to be Completed

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  • The Xiangtan section of the mountain reservoir to Jin River Estuary comprehensive regulation of general contracting (EPC) project, which is contructed by CIEE started on December 20, 2016, as of late June 2017, has been completed: Chai Shan reservoir to Jin River estuary river sludge and sediment dredging; 101 county road to Jin River Estuary Channel mortar rubble lining, mechanical lining, six block paving and sowing grass slope; reproduction and installation of Maowu dam and Wangjia dam two gates.

    The work of the project has already entered the final stage. The temporary sludge drying site has been built and received more than 30 thousand sludge drying. After drying, the sludge will be transported to the landfill and safely landfill after completion of the landfill site (other project contents). Jin River comprehensive renovation project will work tirelessly to complete outstanding work, ensure project quality objectives!


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