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  • Long Steel Sintering Machine Utilization of Waste Heat Project Successfully Connected to the Grid

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  • On November 28th, 2017, Shanxi Longmen Steel Co., 450 square meter sintering machine waste heat utilization project, which is constructed as EPC project by Hunan Zhongye Changtian Energy Conservation and Environmental Project Co., Ltd., has successfully connected to the grid.

    The project is equipped with a waste heat boiler and a 12MW turbo generator set, using the waste heat from the exhaust gas of the ring cooler to recover the power generation. The project started construction on July 18th, 2017, and the project department overcame all kinds of difficulties after the resumption. The turbo generator set was successfully connected to the grid in November 28, 2017, and the plan continued to run for 72 hours. The Long steel project department will continue to work hard to complete the performance assessment of the project as soon as possible.

    After the project is completed and put into production, the annual average power generation is estimated to reach 62 million 680 thousand degrees, 20 thousand and 900 tons of standard coal are saved in a year, and the annual carbon dioxide emission reduction is 52 thousand and 250 tons. The power plant for internal use of power plants reduced the external power consumption of Long Steel, which greatly reduced the production cost of sinter and brought considerable economic and environmental benefits.


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