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  • Baosteel No.4 Sintering Machine Utilization of Waste Heat Project Successfully Connected to the Grid

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  • On Oct 15th, 2017, Baosteel No.4 sintering machine utilization of waste heat project, which is constructed as EPC project by Hunan Zhongye Changtian Energy Conservation and Environmental Project Co., Ltd., has successfully connected to the grid.

    The project is to utilize the waste heat from the Inner Mongolia Baotou Limited by Share Ltd Company’s No.4 sintering machine cooler. The waste heat from the front part of the cooler has been recovered and utilized. this project is mainly for produce steam, which alleviate the shortage of Baotou steam. Meanwhile, on the basis of producing steam, this project also make the most use of the waste heat to achieve cogeneration. The project adopts a series of patent technologies, such as the hot air circulation system with the independent intellectual property of the company and the cover type waste heat boiler of the direct joint furnace. The project adopts 2 furnace and 1 machine configuration, and two sets of 280 square meters circular cooler are equipped with one set of waste heat boiler (26+11) ton / hour and 4.5 MW Condensing Steam turbine generator set. The project started construction in June 27, 2016, and the waste heat boiler in October 2, 2017 has the condition of external steam supply. In October 15, 2017, the turbine generator connected to the grid successfully.

    After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual generating capacity is 20 million 60 thousand kwh, and the steam volume of the external supply parameters is 1390757 KGI, which can save 53 thousand and 300 tons of standard coal per year, reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and acid gases, protect the environment, and have obvious environmental protection effect. The project can not only recover waste heat, but also solve the problem of revaluation and utilization of waste heat steam, and bring obvious economic and environmental benefits.


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