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  • Building New Era and Strive Towards New Journey

    Author:administrator Date:2018/9/14 10:45:30 Click: 1【Return】
  • On September 6th 2018, Hunan Zhongye Changtian Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.(Brief as CIEE) has signed EPC General Contract for 50t/d Dangerous Waste Incineration Production Line Project of Henan Nengxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.(Brief as Nengxin)

    As a pioneer in the treatment of industrial hazardous wastes, CIEE took the lead when the "8.5" explosion occurred in Shenzhen in 1993. Our company independently developed and completed the design of the first toxic and harmful waste safety landfill in China that met the international standards of the same period, and won the second prize of Excellent Engineering Design of the Ministry of Metallurgy. Since then, the company has successively undertaken a number of comprehensive hazardous waste treatment and disposal projects in Guangdong Province, Changsha Hazardous Waste (including medical waste) Disposal Center Project, Fujian Hazardous Waste Comprehensive Disposal Site, Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Incineration and Disposal General Contracting Project, and won awards. Among them, Shenzhen hazardous waste incineration and disposal project is the first hazardous waste incineration project in China to adopt the EU 2000 standard. It has been listed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as the "National Demonstration Project of Hazardous Waste Disposal Project".

    In 2016, CIEE and Nengxin signed the project of "Research Report and Design for the Project of Comprehensive Treatment of 50,000 tons of Waste annually by Henan Nengxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd." The design results successfully passed the examination of relevant government departments. The technical level, sincere service attitude and determination to devote to environmental protection of CIEE have left a deep impression on clients. In the fierce competition of the EPC project of Nengxin, CIEE relied on its years of professional technology accumulation, innovation and engineering experience accumulation, gave full play to the company's overall advantages and stands out in the sealing of the head and tail of rotary kiln, flue gas denitrification, multi-stage combustion, waste heat utilization, flue gas purification and deacidification, etc.

    The project is located in the chemical industry agglomeration area of Puyang County, Henan Province. Its main contents include the detailed design, manufacture, supply, purchase, installation (including main and auxiliary materials), commissioning and acceptance of a 50t/d hazardous waste incineration and disposal system and ancillary facilities. It is expected that the operation index of the project after completion will be better than that of the same industry, and the pollutant emission index will be better than the national standard. Particulate matter and dioxin emissions meet the EU 2000 standard. After completion, the project will basically solve the problems of hazardous solid waste disposal in the surrounding areas of Puyang, Xinxiang, Hebei and Anyang, and promote the harmonious development of economy and environment in northern Henan.

    Actively responding to the strategic positioning of Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd., the parent company of CIEE, to build "the former national team of metallurgical iron, the leader of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the new force of smart city". CIEE, on the basis of developing and consolidating the dominant position of energy conservation and environmental protection market in the iron and steel industry, is determined to forge ahead and actively develop the municipal environmental protection market, taking the opportunity of trusting the general contracting project of hazardous waste incineration for environmental protection as Waste treatment and disposal market, the practice of "scientific and technological innovation, excellence, to provide customer satisfaction with engineering construction services", to create value for customers, from consultation, design to construction, meticulous organization, and strive to create model projects, quality projects, services for the great cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.


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