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  • The CIEE Semi-annual Summary Meeting was Successfully Held

    Author:administrator Date:2018/7/31 15:45:30 Click: 1【Return】
  • On July 19, 2018, Hunan Zhongye Changtian Energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (CIEE) has organized the work summary meeting for the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year. The meeting was presided by Chen Hong, the general manager of CIEE, Ye Hengdi, Deputy General Manager of CIE, Yang Xiaohong, Director of the Enterprise Management Department (Supervisor of CIEE), and Wei Jinchao, Assistant Director of the R&D Center (Deputy Director of the Environmental Energy Research Institute), Yan Xuehong, Deputy General Manager of CIEE, and deputy chief engineers, functional departments leaders, and chiefs of each department attended the meeting in total 23 members.

    Firstly, CIEE’s performance in first half of the year was reported on the meeting by the minister of comprehensive management department. Then the first half-year working summary and the next half-year working arrangements was reported by each department. In the first half of 2018, CIEE's market development situation was good, and various economic indicators were completed more than 50%. Every focused task has been finished on schedule, and we maintained an excellent trend of development. The leaders of each department commented on the completion of the work and made new requests. 

    This meeting held a discussion on “How to seize the opportunity of the construction peak of the atmospheric controlling business sector”. In order to ensure the CIEE’s signed contracts can be completed on schedule and qualified, all the participants make valuable comments and suggestions on service work of operating, technology, project construction, management support and other aspects according to the actual situation and current tasks.

    Half time of 2018 has passed, and half of CIEE's work reached the targets, but we still have a tough way to go for the next half-year task. General manager Chen Hong made management & deployment for the next half-year key task on CPC building, operation, production, engineering construction and operation management, procurement, cost control, finance, comprehensive management. He emphasized that it is necessary to further strengthen construction of the CPC work style and anti-corruption government and team building. He called on everyone to unite as one, to make effort to work, to be innovative, and to aim at technology leadership and management excellence, and strive to fully realize the 2018 work goals and the further development of CIEE!

    Yang Xiaohong, Director of the Enterprise Management Department (Supervisor of CIEE) affirmed the meeting and gave high recognition to the CIEE team. She thought that the CIEE team are “Willing to do”, “Be able to do” and “Can achieve”. Minister Yang made specific requests to CIEE on internal control system’s construction, Yangchun Steel waste-heat utilization project, activated carbon technology, post-evaluation of EMC project, and civilized units’creation and other aspects.

    Ye Hengdi, Deputy General Manager of CIE, fully affirmed the conclusion of CIEE’s semi-annual work summary meeting and the performance of the first-half. CIEE has done a great job on achieving economic indicators. The team has gradually developed and improved, the organization has been continuously improved. The functions are becoming more reasonable and the management performance is increasing. At the meeting, Deputy GM Ye made new & higher requests on technological R&D, operation & production management, team building, and construction of the CPC party work style and clean & honest government. He hopes that all the CIEE employees can work together and innovate and fulfill the responsibility and mission of “energy-saving and environmental protection pioneers”. We can fully realize the leap-forward development’s goal which was formulated at the beginning of the year.


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