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Company Profile

Brief introduction about Hunan Zhongye Changtian Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated to CIEE in English):

CIEE (formerly known as Zhongye Changtian Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Engineering Technology CO.,) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd (CIE for short) whose predecessor is Changsha Metallurgical Design & Research Central Institute of Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) founded in 1957. As one of the first established large scale A-grade design institutes, CIE has developed into a comprehensive international engineering company which combines the functions of R&D, EPC, project management, engineering design & consultation as well as equipment manufacturing together. Based on the point of future development CIE has expanded great inputs in energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, which contributes to the foundation of CIEE by integrating operation, management and technologies forces within CIE.

CIEE is specialized in environmental protection, energy conservation and resource regeneration with a business scope covering industrial waste heat utilization, solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution control, waste water pollution control, physical pollution control and contamination remediation. Its business services concern with R&D, design, consultation, EPC, project operation and management, energy management contract (EMC), environmental protection service, energy audit, EIA, and energy saving assessment. It has been honorably entitled to a number of A-grade qualifications and granted with several patents and proprietary technologies with a domestic leading design level. It possesses a special class-A qualification in environmental protection design projects (air pollution control, solid waste treatment and disposal, and contamination remediation), a class-B qualification in electric power industry (thermal power [including design of Nuclear Power Station in Conventional Island], new energy generation, substation and power supply engineering), a third-grade qualification of environmental protection projects , a special class B qualification in environmental protection design projects (wastewater pollution control, physical pollution control). CIEE is an enterprise oriented corporation in environmental protection and energy conservation, which also registered in the Ministry of Finance and the State Development and the Reform Commission.

Over 500 design, research and EPC projects (EPC, BT, BOT, BOO, EMC) has been accomplished by CIEE. Dozens are granted as the national, ministry or provincial excellent engineering designs. As a result of our high quality and outstanding services, we have established a global sales network reachingIndia,Indonesia,Brazil,Japan,Australia, and etc.

CIEE adheres to the concept of “human resource is the first resource” and the principle of “bring out the best in people, bring in the best needed talents, store talents for future” as well as optimizing the personal structure according to the requirements of company developments, which contributes to a healthy human resource environment beneficial for employees’ promotion. The company now employs over 120 people, including 5 engineering professors, 40 senior engineers, 40 engineers and 40 registered engineers in various industries.

Based on CIEE, an environmental research institute has been set up in the National Sintering and Pelletizing Equipment and Technologies Research  Center. The institute has 3 doctors and 6 masters working now. CIEE has also formed successful corporation relationships with many universities for a strong academic and technical support, such as Tsinghua University, Central South  University and so on.

Persisting to the objective of “continuous innovation for a green and ecological environment” and the value of “rigorous and devoted to work for self-fulfillment, learning and innovation for excellence-pursuit, honest and responsible for society-requiting” CIEE has been striving for becoming the leader of the first-class integrated environmental protection enterprises with excellent management and technology, the most value-creating company, and the best working place for the employees.

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